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24th July 2024 

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect
Important information: I am currently unable to offer face to face therapy due to the COVID-19 situation. However I am happy to offer therapy via video link or telephone. I use Zoom, where I send you a link by e-mail, for you to click on ton start the session or FaceTime, if you have an Apple device.
I'm hoping to re-start Face to Face CBT, for people who have had two covid jabs ( after three weeks) from 19th July.

In order to get the most from CBT it is best to meet weekly, if possible. Each session last around 50-55 minutes and the number of sessions depends on the nature of the problem. For more straightforward single issue problems which have been around for 1-2 years, 5-12 sessions would normally be sufficient to resolve the issues. However for more enduring and complex problems,following the NICE guidelines, a typical course of CBT lasts between 6-20 sessions.
The first session will be spent assessing the nature of the problem and there is no obligation to continue after that first session. If you do wish to continue with therapy then we would agree the initial goals that reflect your best hope for the course of CBT and an initial number of sessions with a review date- usually sessions 5 -6.


  • First session-Assessment of your best hope for therapy and Introduction to CBT and Mindfulness with no obligation to continue, 50-55 minutes, costs = £65.00. Longer assessments can be arranged on a pro-rata basis i.e. 90 minutes would cost £90.00. However this would need to be arranged in advance.

  • Individual CBT session

  • I am not currently offering home visits due to COVID-19

    Cancellation Charges

  • A charge will apply if less than 24 hours notice is given and this will be added to the cost for the next session : non-attendance or less than 24 hours notice - £60. 00 ; Less than 48 hours notice = £30..00.

Self-referrals: all Fees payable on the day by cheque or cash or on-line banking

Third Party Referrals

Referrals are also accepted from:

  • Insurance Companies

  • Health Insurers

  • Employers

  • Health Professionals